Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank You World.

It seems today that no matter where I look or what I hear or what I watch, I am being given the message of gratitude.  The power of gratitude.  The importance of gratitude.  The necessity of gratitude.  The act of gratitude.  I feel like I know all these things already, but every now and again I have a day like this that acts as a very strong reminder of how important gratitude is.  I think the thing I seem to forget is to express my gratitude out loud.  Sometimes, well maybe more than sometimes, I can be quite shy.  So telling someone how grateful I am for them or for their help or even just their presence when I needed it is a daunting task.  And while feeling gratitude is important, sharing and expressing it is just as important because then you not only bless yourself, you bless the one you thank.  You never know, they may have really needed that at that moment and you may be making all the difference in their life at that moment.  So right now I am going to shun my shy side and say THANK YOU WORLD.  I have been blessed to know so many wonderful people in my life and all of you that I have known have made a difference that cannot be measured.  I have had so many incredible experience in my life, some fun and exciting, some difficult and painful, but all have combined to make me the person who I am today and I really like that person.  And I know that the future is filled with so much more that I will be thankful for and learn and grow from.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

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