Monday, May 30, 2011

Shakin' In My Boots

So I realized, once again, that fear is futile. When we are afraid of something, we are only making that thing happen. We are bringing that fearful situation or person or thing to us. When we embrace our fears and say I am bigger, better and stronger than that which I am afraid of, we make the fear go away. I found this again in my life recently at my job. I had been afraid to try doing things I knew I was capable of doing because I had studied them in school. I was worried that my employer was not prepared for me to try these things and so I just didn't try and started to become stagnant in my position. Once I started to believe in myself again and in my ability to perform the tasks required of me, even if I only knew them in theory as I had never actually tried doing them, I started getting opportunities to try doing them and I jumped at it. And you know what, I succeeded. Because, you see, failure is my biggest fear and it stops me from doing a lot of things. But as I have learned, once again, I am only hurting myself and depriving myself with this fear. It has no effect on anyone else. Maybe this time I will remember this lesson and will not be here in six months say "see blog from May", I have had to learn this lesson again. So from now on it is my resolution to shake in my boots out of the excitement of trying and not from the fear of it.

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